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Oakland and Macomb County Sump Pump Repair and Replacement

Protect Your Property From Water Damage

When living in Michigan, residents know how important it is to have a dry basement throughout the year; this is why our sump pump plumbing services are so popular among our customers in Oakland and Macomb County. Having your sump pump maintained or replaced periodically will give you the assurance that you won’t face problems in the future.

Want to make sure you have a sump pump that will function when you need it?

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When it’s time to get your sump pump replaced or repaired:

  • You have recently experienced flooding in your basement and want to protect it for the future
  • Your house is located in areas that collect an excessive amount of rain and snow
  • The pump you have now is over 6 years old
  • You hear rattling and vibrating noises coming from your pump
  • Your sump pump stops working

Why a Sump Pump is Important

Almost all homes with basements in Michigan will have sump pumps. A sump pump is a small system that collects water from the lowest point in a basement of a house and pumps it outside via a motorized system and piping. Having an ineffective system can lead to thousands of dollars worth of property damages as well as lead to many health problems from water moisture leading up to mold and mildew.

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